Workout Supplements

Amanda Filipowicz, CNP, BES
Workout Supplements

Staying fit and regular exercise is important for the body so is providing your body with the right nutrients to recover and build itself. Find out about the supplements that can aid you in building up your endurance and the ones that help your body recover properly so that it can feel good and function optimally the next day. 

Enhance Performance


The main function of Branch Chain Amino Acids is to enhance sports performance within athletes. Isoleucine (mainly found in muscle cells), assists with energy production and the building of muscles. Leucine is an essential amino acid that aids in the growth of muscles. It is used as an energy source and assists in the healing process for both wounds on the skin and in the bones. Valine is metabolized to produce energy instead of using up glucose stores in the body during exercise. The combination of all three in proper dosages will increase endurance, prevent fatigue, increase mental performance and energy levels.

To be taken: 7 grams in a liter of water taken before a workout


The main function of Medium Chain Triglycerides is to enhance sports performance by increasing aerobic endurance and burns body fat more effectively. It is a supplement that is easily oxidized in skeletal muscles as MCT rapidly integrates itself into the mitochondria without having to rely on a carrier. It spares glycogen stores and increases metabolism through a thermic effect which is double that of fat.

To be taken: 100 grams of water before exercise

Bodybuilding hand training



It is associated with maintaining muscle mass and preventing its breakdown. It aids in the recovery of the body after strenuous exercise and allowing for faster recovery. It counteracts the effects of cortisol with is elevated during exercise, stimulates the production of glycogen and aids in supporting the immune system.

To be taken: 20-40 grams of powder with water a day for muscle recovery


Beta-hydroxy-methyl butyrate is associated with recovery after strenuous exercise, preventing muscle tissue breakdown during and after exercise. Furthermore, it aids in raising lean mass, reducing body fat and increasing physical power.

To be taken: 1.5 to 3 grams a day three to four times, and can be taken with food.

Exercise-Related Injury

Glucosamine Sulphate

Assists in stimulating the joints to produce glycosaminoglycans, molecules that supply cartilage with a structural foundation and its gel-like nature. It incorporates sulfur into cartilage, as well as assisting in re-building cartilage after it has been damaged. It protects joints and tendons from injury and can be used prior to and after endurance activities and weight training.

To be taken: up to 1500 mg, a day is safe for cartilage repair.

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