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Amanda Filipowicz, CNP, BES
cheese board

Vegan cheese has come a long way, not only is it delicious, but some varieties are also beneficial for gut health. When made with rejuvelac a fermented liquid made from sprouted grains, the vegan cheese becomes cultured with healthy bacteria that benefit gut health. 

Vegan cheese is a great and tasty alternative from conventional soft cheeses, it has the creamy texture and tang of brie different cultures, herbs and spices can provide more intense and cheese flavors. 

vegan cheese board

I have to say I love cheese, and I still do, but I like to stick to goat cheese (less lactose) or Parmesan Reggiano (contains an amazing array of probiotics). Switching it up for a vegan cheese is great for my gut, though I may love cheese my body does not. For many of us this is a sad truth, listening to what our body wants and does not want is important in making us feel absolutely amazing and allowing our organs to function optimally. 

gluten free cracker

This summer we tried some amazing cashew cheese by  Zengarry, a vegan cheesemaker, or as they put it a ‘Fauxmagerie’ out of Alexandria, Ontario. They have seven amazing flavors, the one I like the most is their Double Creme, however their Aged Ale which has an amazingly sharp cheddar flavor. I would highly recommend these two for individuals who are new to cashew cheese. 

Just as with regular cheese, not all vegan cheese is created equal. A lot of them have unwanted ingredients, such as artificial flavorings, preservatives, and colors. Zengarry does an amazing job of making delicious cheese with healthy, wholesome and healing ingredients. 

cashew cheese board

For my vegan cheese board, I let the cashew double creme cheese soften a little so that it would be easier to spread onto gluten-free crackers and cucumber slices. Tomatoes and fresh dill for some delicious toppings and a bit of nuts, dates and fresh persimmon to nibble on in between. This healthy platter is perfect for boardgame nights, birthdays and dinner parties, or even for bringing in the New Year. 

cucumber cracker

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