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Enter into my kitchen and you will find a nice little collection of supplements on the counter. Open the cupboard above the sink, oh look there’s some more. Now, what’s in the drawer by the fridge, WOW, its filled with supplements.

My stock has dwindled, through after going to the CHFA or other nutritional/health conventions through the year it does tend to rev-up. Working at a health food store did not help my case if anything it started the whole spiral into owning a small natural dispensary.

With learning to be okay with your body you will learn that its okay if you forget to take a supplement now and then, or even for a few weeks. You will also learn not to go overboard when you realize that you did forget. Its one thing to be sick, it’s another to mentally feel that you need to compensate or you won’t be well.

With so many “essential minerals, vitamins – supplements” out there, it can be overwhelming to make sure you have all your bases checked and to be on top of them.

So here is some beautiful advice on how to kick off a supplement from your checklist and still get it in your diet.The wonderful and glorious vitamin d!!!

Sure you get vitamin d in the form of whole eggs and liver (YUM Pâté) but during the summer you can get it for free (it’s crazy I know) from the sun!! If you are worried about your skin you can always rev it up a few months before the heat hits you by drinking carrot and beet juice, which are both high in antioxidants, aiding to boost your immune system and strengthen your skin cells and tissue growth.

Applying Aloe Vera after tanning or being outside is another great way to protect your skin (even if it’s not burnt). Personally, I love Nature’s Aid, which is an all natural skin gel comprised of aloe vera, tea tree, witch hazel, vitamin E and rosemary.

So even if you only have 15 or 20 minutes, if it’s on your lunch break sit outside or take a walk and soak up some vitamin d!! Don’t overdo it on your first day out and spend the entire day out in the blistering sun, ease into it (in terms of time and skin exposure).

Vitamin D – Calciferol

A fat-soluble vitamin (aka you can store it so make sure you soak it up).

Skin, bloodstream, liver and kidneys are all required to produce active vitamin d in the body.

Aids in regulating calcium metabolism in the body. If you have low vitamin d you will have poor absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus in your bones, even if there is a surplus of both. However if vitamin d is sufficient, there will be better calcification of the bones even if both calcium and phosphorus are low.

Possible correlation between hair loss and low vitamin D intake

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