Taking the first step to Self Love

Taking the First Step to Self Love


Here is the thing that you need to remember, be okay with who you are at this moment, support yourself if you are not well in a loving way and let go a bit. Stress is such a killer, and constantly freaking out or putting yourself down over the small things is going to do a number on your body. Sure going to the washroom is a great thing, especially when you have that Hallelujah moment (you know what I mean), but if you keep hating on yourself digestion is not going to come naturally. You are going to end up popping in pills (laxatives – natural and synthetic, probiotics – excessively, or drinking gallons of bowel movement tea). I’ve been there, it’s not a pleasant place to be and you spend way too much time thinking about that when you can be doing so many other things!!

Let’s take a moment to step back and relax, shake it off and destress. If you get a lunch break at work, try to step out of the office and get out into nature, even if it’s just a fountain outside (running water does wonder). Take some time to listen to the sounds around you and slowly focus in on the rustling of leaves, the twitter of birds or the trickle of running water. Breath in through your nose (a nice deep breath) hold it there for a count of four and breath out through your mouth (letting all the air out of your lungs – as much as you can) and repeat.

Another great thing to try is Headspaceyou can get the free app for Android or Apple products, although there are some in-app purchases there is enough in there for free to satisfy a frustrated brain. This is perfect to listen to while on public transportation or in the office. The first level begins with 10 min sessions which is perfect!!!

Yoga is another fantastic way to shake off the stress. If you don’t want to take a class, surf through YouTube for a video to follow at home. I love doing Sun Salutations on my back deck as the sun rises, I feel as if my day has begun in the perfect way. Here is a video I like following along too, click here.

You are an amazing and beautiful person don’t let yourself forget it. Take a deep breath, brush off the stress and let’s move forward!!

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