7 Reasons Why You May Not Be Healing

Amanda Filipowicz, CNP, BES
7 Reasons You May Not Be Healing

You may be following a healthy diet, exercising, taking supplements and detoxing regularly, however, no matter what you do you may still be unable to lose the last few pounds, have low energy, brain fog, acne-prone skin and persistent bad hair days. Below is a list of a few things that you should take into consideration during your healing journey or on your road to a healthier life.

Oral Health

Oral hygiene is imperative to a healthy long life. Cavities, plaque and a build-up of bad bacteria and toxins can lead to a lot of stress and illness for the body as a whole. Root Canals for instance when performed often still leave infected teeth within the mouth, the root may be closed off but the infected tooth and the bacteria attached to it can continue to wreak havoc on the body. Oil Pulling, which helps to pull out bad bacteria is a good oral hygiene practice to implement. 

If you have mercury fillings and dental amalgams in your mouth you most likely have a constant seeping of mercury into your body. This taxes both the liver and the kidneys along with feeding and thus growing candida in your gut.

Mercury toxicity can result in;

  • hypertension
  • joint pain (atherosclerosis)
  • renal imbalance
  • migraines
  • heart disease

It is best to get the mercury filling removed from your mouth – which needs to be done in a safe way so as not too – through the process of removal – expose you to more mercury. A heavy metal cleanses with the aid of a health practitioner is the next step.

Cherries in a pink bowl


Molds’ impact on your body may not be something that you question. However it can have a serious impact on the health of the body, and your contact with it can be recent or from several years before. Mould can be at the home, workplace, on vacation or whenever you step outside – you can’t really outrun it – and you don’t know when they will become active as they can lay dormant for many years. When you are exposed to mold it is most often to more than one type of species of mould such as hyphae, degrade or spores.

Mold toxicity can lead to symptoms such as;

  • insomnia or poor sleep
  • joint and muscle pain
  • moodiness, irritability
  • brain fog
  • poor energy – tiredness
  • inflammation – particularly in the nose

Getting rid of the mold is the first line of defense, the second is boosting your immune system. Thieves oil and colloidal silver are great holistic and natural products to keep close at hand. thieves oil is great for cleansing, it is an expectorant, and had antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that boosts up the immune system. However, if the infection from the mold is very severe it may be appropriate to take antibiotics and that seek professional medical assistance through a naturopath, nutritionist or doctor.

Candida and Parasites

Candida is a pathogenic yeast. It’s basically an opportunistic organism meaning you need to have low immunity, heavy metal toxicity, digestive issues or mild adrenal insufficiency to become overgrown with Candida.

Parasites are organisms or viruses that invade and live within another organism – their host. They disrupt the functioning of the organs and systems of the body, increasing stress and lowering immunity.

If you have parasites, you cannot heal a gut when they are present. The same goes for candida. It is important to start with a parasite cleanse as it will attack the fungus — top it off after with a fungal cleanse. To make sure that you do these cleanses properly consult a nutritionist or naturopath.

Symptoms of an overgrowth of candida or parasites include;

  • an increased appetite – hungry all the time
  • extreme tiredness
  • decreased muscle mass
  • an individual has a decreased immune system resulting in them getting sick often
  • lots of bloating and gas
  • diarrhea and constipation
  • anal itching at night (often a result or tapeworms)
  • a lot of allergies.


A negative mindset and outlook can have a big impact on the health of your body. Bringing negative energy into your life can lead to imbalances in your body’s systems. This can lead to an increase in stress – which leads to an increase in cortisol that results in inflammation throughout the whole body.

This systemic inflammation can lead to issues with digestion, troubles with detoxification and lead to trouble for the liver and kidneys. For example, keeping up a great deal of anger and resentment can cause the liver to suffer. Therefore, it is beneficial to meditate, have daily positive affirmations and work on improving a positive outlook on life.

Partaking in meditation, yoga and forest bathing can all bring about a positive mindset and aid in healing the body. These practices can aid in reducing stress and pressure on organ systems of the body as well as bringing clarity to the mind.

Toxins – Heavy Metal Toxicity& Pollution

When you are exposed to toxins they can result in low energy, issues with mental clarity (experiencing a constant mental fog) and reduce the body’s ability to properly repair and grow. Heavy metals include; arsenic, aluminum, nickel, cadmium, mercury, and lead. Pollution can be in the form of Volatile Organic Compounds which are chemicals that have the ability to become airborne – they often make up smog.

Other effects of Toxins on the body include;

  • free radical damage
  • affecting the function of enzymes, receptors, and neurotransmitters
  • mimic hormones – such as endocrine disruptors which can result in imbalances to thyroid hormones.
  • damage DNA
  • inflammation throughout the body
  • alterations to the structure and rigidity of the cell wall
  • cell mutation

To properly rid the body of toxins a detox must be performed, however, it is best that one be done with the help of a nutritionist as a heavy metal detox can be very dangerous if done without proper knowledge on how the body works. Toxins and metals are stored in your fat and they are cleansed through your passages of elimination – the most leaving with your poop. If you are chronically constipated – if you do less than 2 times to the washroom a day it is very likely that as your body is ridding itself of toxins, sending it to the colon to be removed, however, if it can’t get out fast enough your body will reabsorb the toxins and you will feel the repercussions.

Toxins are also food for Candida. If it grows ramped in your gut it can result in a great deal of bloating, sugar cravings and again imbalances with your hormone levels.

Constipation & Food Sensitivity

Adrenal Insufficiency

Adrenal insufficiency is a life-threatening issue. Your hormones tell the body everything that must be done. Doctors may prescribe anti-depressants to combat mild adrenal insufficiency — which will not do much – and can often lead to more severe forms of depression. Your adrenal glands are responsible for the production of several hormones, such as cortisol, DHEA, aldosterone, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. These hormones some of the neurotransmitters as well, if not in the proper amount in the body can result in issues with brain fog, chronic inflammation, digestive issues, trouble focusing, and a build-up of fat that just won’t let go.

Nutrients to Feed Your Adrenal Glands includes;

B5: good for peristalsis ( the movement of the bowels), aids against stress (nerve tonic), helps calm the body. Use on top of a b complex for specific individuals. Up to 500 ml x 2 —- start with 250 ml

Vitamin C = Food for adrenals. Vitamin C flushes out of the body every hour – 1/2 hour when under great stress. 20,000 -30,000 mg goes directly through the membrane. 35-40 g (even at 20g) it becomes a pro-oxidant — cancer cannot exist is an oxidized state/alkaline one as well. If you have 30% kidney function do not consume high doses of Vitamin C.

Holy Basil and Rhodiola are two herbs that work wonders on the adrenal glands. Both of them are found in St. Francis’ Strest Formula that when taken on an empty stomach can strengthen and heal fatigued adrenals.

Thyroid Imbalance

Very fatigued adrenals will drag down the thyroid. The high rhythm of thyroid cannot keep up with low adrenals, therefore, you need to work on adrenals so that thyroid can properly work again. Chronic constipation, obesity, and issues of being underweight, as well as lymphatic congestion, a Standard American diet, and low salt intake, can all result in thyroid issues. Hyper and Hypothyroidism have become very common illnesses in the past few decades, more so now than ever before.

The body as a whole is connected, no one organ or system works alone, in order to have a healthy body each system needs to be functioning optimally. A gentle detox, and consuming a clean diet can alleviate the strain on the liver and kidneys allowing for better processing of toxins and cholesterol (the stuff that makes hormones). The thyroid when it is severely out of balance can be a tricky thing to realine, however, it is not impossible.

Symptoms of an imbalanced thyroid include; depression, weight loss or weight gain, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, body shakes, eyes bulging out, thinning hair or hair that falls out or sometimes in clumps, tiredness, brain fog.

Motherwort, a herbal remedy, taken as a tincture is beneficial for slowing down the activity of the thyroid making it beneficial for individuals with hyperthyroidism. Myrrh, another herbal remedy aids in stimulating the function of the thyroid. Lemon Balm as a tincture or a tea it is beneficial for hypothyroidism – as it suppresses thyroid function slightly. Herbal remedies can be very potent therefore, it is always best to work alongside a herbalist or naturopath to make sure that you are taking the right herbs and dosages.

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