Let us begin to create the BEING you were meant to be

The simplest & most abundant of choices for the planet are brought by what one eats

Food should lead to health in body mind & spirit


KENKO or Kenkou is the Japanese word for health. What we offer you is to feel healthy, happy and absolutely wonderful in your body. It’s hard to get your foot in the door; accepting yourself, lack of nutritional knowledge and physical and mental stressors can all prevent you from being who you are meant to be.

Here at Holistic Kenko, we strive to increase your knowledge and awareness of Health and Nutrition, aiding you in becoming in-tuned with your body so that you can truly understand what it is telling you. Below are a few concepts that we try to get across and which we believe in instilling in everyday life.


In Japanese Genki means to be ‘Energetic’, ‘Lively’ ‘Enthusiastic’ and ‘Full of Life’. The “KI” part of Genki comes from the Chinese concept of “Qi”, which refers to how much inner energy or life force one has and how strong it is. The Japanese believe that by having a positive, vibrant and high energy outlook on life it will aid in moving one towards good health and allow them to live a long and wonderful life.


Ganbatte in Japanese means “Do Your Best”, “Be Courageous” & “Do Not Give Up”. When one brings new changes to one’s life it is often easier to fall on old habits instead of moving forward with new ones. Take a deep breath and let us take the first couple of steps together and work towards a healthier you!


Iyasu is the Japanese word for ‘heal’ or ‘mend’. Pain runs deep, however, it is best to mend the root cause instead of simply applying and reapplying a band-aid.