A lot of fast foods out there are Acidifying. High-stress work and life also result in producing more acid in the body. Alcohol, smoking, environmental toxins, factory raised animals and their byproducts all contribute to an increase in acidity within the body. Bringing in powerful greens into the diet will help to make the body […]
For all of you who can sustain themselves for long periods of time on carbs (slow oxidizers), this is a delightful morning meal that will keep your energy levels up throughout the day, keeping you on your toes! BREAKFAST Porridge with Raspberries Ingredients 1/4 cup of organic steel cut oats 1 cup organic almond milk […]
Goji berries are simply delicious. They make the perfect snack and pack a punch with their nutrient density, being a high source of fibre, iron and vitamins a and C. I remember when bought out a bowl for my niece to try and we just sat on the back deck and enjoyed the sun and […]

Scrambled Eggs To GO

By Kenko
In Breakfast
Updated June 20, 2017
Sometimes the morning can be so busy that there is no time to sit down and eat your breakfast. However, if you can multi-task throwing something quick and delicious together can be easy and will fuel you up for the day ahead. I had days where I would have to be out the door at […]
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