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Amanda Filipowicz, CNP, BES
Organics 4 orphans Children eating kale

Natural Calm

If you have a problem with restless legs, trouble sleeping, aches and pains or you need to relax a little when taking a long flight, Natural Calm’s Powdered Magnesium ‘Mag Calm’ is what you need.  Natural Calm Canada was established by Linda Bolton in 2005. She had been introduced to the wonderful magnesium product by her sister who was experiencing severe migraines and found relief through Mag Calm. Linda soon began to experience better sleep, a reduction in her fibromyalgia pain and issues with bone density.

Natural Calm products were developed by Natural Vitality‘s Founder Peter Gillham in 1982. It has since grown from a small Austin operation to a global purpose-driven company that has the highest standard of commitment to ensure that all its products leave clients happy and healthy. Free from sugar, pesticides and GMO’s, Natural Vitality not only has a commitment to providing the end consumer with an amazing product, but they are also committed to making the planet a better place, through their “Calm Earth Project”, Natural Calm Canada joined them with their non-profit organization Organics 4 Orphans.

Organics 4 Orphans Africa

Linda and her husband Dale Bolton always had a commitment to making the world a better place and fight poverty, particularly amongst the most vulnerable and impoverished groups; orphan children. Prior to establishing Natural Calm Canada Linda was a Nurse and Dale worked with non-profit organizations for over 40+ years in Haiti and Nicaragua. On a visit to Malawi in 2004, they both knew they needed to do much more, especially for orphans. A year later Linda began Natural Calm Canada, growing to supply 50 stores across Canada within a year, while Dale volunteered for Hope for the Nations a Project that helped to build orphanages and water wells in Africa. Dale soon realized that the greatest impact to support 40 million unsupported children in Africa would be by providing them and their communities with the skills to be able to support themselves.

In 2008 Organics 4 Orphans was founded by Dale and his wife. Organics for Orphans is a Canadian non-profit program that provides food aid to African Communities as a way to help them in their fight against poverty by providing small-scale farmers with the means, knowledge, support, and assistance to grow organic, nutrient-dense foods and herbs providing substance for them and local orphans. Organics 4 Orphans has four pillars to its foundation, which are issues they want to combat and improve on. They are; 1)Food Security, 2) Nutritional Education, 3) Disease Prevention and 4) Income Generation. 

Organics 4 Orphans Workshop
Organics 4 orphans Children eating kale

Organics 4 Orphans began as a 5-day workshop to help with food security, in 2010 they developed a training center to help local impoverished individuals learn about the indigenous plant species and how to grow and cultivate them. Many humanitarian aid programs provide white rice and cornmeal as staple meals for the less fortunate individuals and communities across Africa, however, all though these meals do provide a full belly they do not provide nutritional substance. Organics 4 Orphans educates and supports these communities so that they can become self-sufficient. Today the non-profit has month-long residential seminars that educated on the importance of handwashing, how the immune system functions, organic gardening, organic and natural pesticides, composting, and African herbs that can be used as natural herbal medicine.

Two of the herbs they teach individuals to use and grow our moringa and artemisia. Moringa is a wonderful botanical plant that aids in boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, balancing hormones, improving digestion, aiding in the prevention of diabetes and improving overall health. Artemisia is also known as wormwood is a wonderful herb that aids in combating malaria, particularly its extract Artemisinin.  Organics 4 Orphans teaches communities to utilize wormwood, consuming it as a tea to aid in the prevention and treatment of malaria. The wonderful thing about focusing on herbal medicine as a preventative and possible treatment is that by growing the herbs themselves and learning how to administer the herbal medicine to individuals within the community there is virtually no cost. Medication can be very hard to come by, difficult to transport and expensive while utilizing herbal medicine gives the community opportunities they did not have before.

Another wonderful thing the organization teaches is saving seeds. Saving seeds is an ancient practice. There are many plants that will return year on year, however, others produce seeds which require harvesting, so that the following season the seeds can be sowed. Many modern agricultural practices particularly ones that use genetically engineered seeds require farmers to purchase new seeds every year, this becomes incredibly expensive and inefficient for individuals who are living in or on the verge of poverty. In order to allow individuals to sustain themselves, it is important for them to know how to cultivate and care for their crops, and extend the cycle for many decades instead of a single year. This provides communities with a sense of security. They know where their next meal is coming from, it places their future into their hands. Not only does it provide security, but it also opens the doors to generating income. If they grow a surplus they now also have the potential to sell the surplus of produce for a profit.

Organics 4 Orphans garden

In 2017 alone, Dale and Linda helped grow over 4 million meals through gardens and they have plans to expand Organics 4 Orphans operations into many more countries. They have already had individuals from India and the Philippines travel to Africa to take part in their Month-long residential seminars so that they can learn how to implement what they have learned into their communities. Organics 4 Orphans is also in the development of a year-long curriculum that will include experts in the natural nutrition field so that the communities can learn more in-depth knowledge of nutrition, fermentation and natural medicine.

A proportion of sales from every Natural Calm Canada product goes towards Organics 4 Orphans, helping to make a positive impact on impoverished communities and giving otherwise orphaned and hungry children a second chance. Not only does Natural Calm produce amazing products that work wonders on the health and functioning of the body but every purchase you make makes a big difference. To learn more about Natural Calm Canada and Organics 4 Orphans check out their websites

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