Conventional beauty products are damaging to both the body and the environment, as a result of their volatile chemicals and additives. Learn natural beauty tips and DIY recipes that you can use in your everyday life.

Skin Skin, along with oil glands and sweat, hair and nails are all part of the Integumentary system. Their main function is the protection of deeper tissue, as well as protecting the body from dehydration (water loss), foreign pathogens and aid it in retaining heat (maintaining proper body temperature).Skin is the largest organ in the […]

DIY Organic Sugar Scrub

By Kenko
Updated June 25, 2017

It smells like candy and it works like magic!! Why buy body scrub with strange chemicals added when you can make your own at home. Not only will it leave your skin exfoliated and moisturized it’

Many mouth-rinses have within them pharmaceutical-grade amalgamated alcohol which is used as a tool to transport antimicrobial ingredients; alcohol supplies preservability, solubility and germicidal activity. However, alcohol mouthwashes such as Listerine, Scope etc. have been shown possibly increase an individual’s chances of having oral cancer. Listerine was first formulated as a surgical antiseptic (1879), and contains […]

Under the Suburban Sun

By Kenko
Updated June 10, 2017

Enter into my kitchen and you will find a nice little collection of supplements on the counter. Open the cupboard above the sink, oh look there’s some more. Now, what’s in the drawer by th

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