Himalayan Salt Lamp

Amanda Filipowicz, CNP, BES
Himalayan Salt Lamp

Soft delicate shades of pink, with a strong stripe of red here or there and clouds of white, a block of crystallized salt can be incredibly beautiful and decorative. Rock salt can be found almost everywhere on the planet; France, Poland, Persia, and the Himalayan mountains are but a few of these places. Himalayan salt lamps and candle holders have become increasingly popular for both their aesthetic value and health benefits, although any block of crystallized salt will provide the same benefits. What are these benefits and how exactly can a Himalayan salt lamp positively affect your life? This article will answer these questions and much more!

Allergy Cleansing

Mining for Salt

Wieliczka and Bochnia, Poland

The south of Poland was once long ago a site numerous springs, where brine (saltwater) was gathered and salt extracted (through the process of boiling) as early as 3500 BC. Over time the springs dried up and in 1247 the salt began to be extracted through mining underground. The two major mining operations in the towns of Wieliczka and Bochnia were close to Cracow and the river Vistula, which drained into the Baltic, making them incredibly valuable as they could be sold to neighboring countries.

However, with the increase in competition with France and Portugal for salt production, other uses for the salt mines began to come about. First used as grand halls for royalty and nobility the salt mines of Wieliczka have been transformed into a sanatorium and spa. Salt is still mined from both sites for consumption and the production of Himalayan salt lamps, brine, and salt personal care products, and cosmetics and natural table salt, however much of the revenue is obtained from the Health Resort.

Khewra, Pakistan

Believed to have been discovered by Alexander the Great in 326 BC, mining for salt in the Khewra salt mines was first recorded in the 13th century. Located in the salt range, an 800 million-year-old evaporated sea that stretches some 300 kilometers. Since the 18th century, the “Pillar and Dome” method has been used to extract the salt from the mines in Khewra. established by the British during their occupation, it permits for only half the salt to be removed from each chamber/cavern that is being mined, thus allowing for better structural support of the mine and safety for workers. The salt from the Khewra mines is used for far more than simple food-grade salt. It is transformed into lamps, vases, candle holders and sculptures.

Electromagnetic Smog, +IONs, and Bad Vibrations

In this day and age, electromagnetic smog (e-smog) cannot be avoided but it can be mitigated. E-smog is composed of both Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). Produced by a number of high voltage electronics such as:

  • power lines
  • refrigerators
  • washing machines
  • microwaves
  • cell phones
  • computers and laptops
  • power lines
  • air conditioning systems
  • printers
  • televisions
  • hairdryers etc.

These items make daily tasks easier and life more enjoyable, however, the effect they have on the body can be a negative one. People are often unaware of the hazards surrounding them at home, the office, etc. For example; wall wiring, extension cords, and electrical outlets have the potential to turn the body into an antenna as a result of interfering with the cell’s ability to communicate with other cells in the body. Electrical currents naturally run through the body, however, they can be interrupted or interfered with as a result of both EMR and EMF. Depending on the strength of the interference, the frequency may only pass a short depth into the tissue or may be more severe and affect the individual at a cellular level creating ‘noise’ within the body that will disrupt essential cellular and nerve communication interrupting brain waves and increasing oxidative stress and damage to the body resulting in a higher toxic load.

Lamp with a candle

Diseases associated with EMR and EMF are; child leukemia, stress, insomnia and brain fog. The WHO has classified Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) fields as having a possible carcinogenic effect on the body – based off of studies surrounding leukemia in small children – which had been shown to have risen two-fold during the period of time concerning their investigation.

Electromagnetic smog along with high winds, humidity, pollution, allergens, carpet fibers, curtains, etc. carry with the positive charge, thus they are all Cations or Positive Ions. Positive ions, having gained an extra valence electron and contribute to a feeling of tiredness, low energy, tension, anxiety, and irritability. The best way to neutralize their presence is to increase the presence of negative ions (Anions). Negative Ions can be found in the following;

  • thunderstorms
  • waterfalls/moving water
  • beach
  • forest/greenery
  • wind/fresh breeze

It’s a great idea to have windows open and plants within the house so as to mitigate the number of positive ions present in the home. Himalayan salt lamps also aid in producing negative ions! Himalayan salt lamps are hygroscopic meaning when heated they attract humidity/water (with time depending on the salt crystal your lamp should sweat) and result in the formation of a solution of Sodium Chloride (NaCl) and Water (H2O). Chloride naturally evaporates (with the heat this process occurs faster) and has a negative charge – it is a negative ion. In the air negative and positive ions being oppositely charged are attracted together, by this process odors, allergens and dust are eliminated from the air. This makes salt lamps a great alternative to harsh chemical deodorizers and cleaners which are often filled with perfumes, solvents, and volatile organic compounds. Moreover, it makes them a great tool at removing and reducing seasonal and everyday allergens, making it easier to breathe, lowering the strain of harsh coughing and lightening the load placed on the immune system – simply clean the salt lamp off once a week so as to remove the unwanted particles.

Apart from Himalayan Salt Lamps, negative ions can also be obtained through the use of a negative ionizer and ionic light bulbs. Negative ions aid in increasing health and balancing mood and energy levels. They support the body by regulating hormone levels, aid the mind and soul by lifting spirits and enhance positive vibrations in one’s living space.

Creating a Positive Work Environment with a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of elevating one’s life through the use of the laws of heaven and earth. To feel the more positive energy flowing into the Chi it is essential to allow for more positive energy to flow through the surrounding environment for then it will eventually flow into the body. In terms of one’s living space, it is essential to have the greatest positive flow where the most time is spent.

Amanda and salt Lamp

Different Himalayan salt lamps produce different light and have slightly different properties

  • Red – Enhances and invigorates the heart and circulatory system
  • Pink – Aids in revitalizing the senses of compassion and love
  • Orange – Provides security and is beneficial for the nervous system as well as aids in balancing out the kidneys and bladder
  • Yellow – Elevates intellectual understanding and aids in balancing the liver, pancreas, and gallbladder
  • Brown – Brings about a sense of balance
  • White – Precipitates cleansing and detoxifying

Make sure you obtain your salt lamp from a reputable mine. Iran, Pakistan and Poland all produce pure, natural salt lamps so a purchase from either the mine directly or a trusted health store would be best. The bedroom is a good place to start, especially with a plugin salt lamp. Whether it be from your clock radio, your cell phone charging or perhaps a neighbor’s electronic appliances and equipment making sure you rest in a clean positive energy room that has a calming flow and is low in positive ions will make your body feel so much better. It may take time, but you will wake up feeling more rejuvenated and prior to going to sleep will feel very relaxed (although the light is soft, if you keep it on overnight – which is best – it would be well advised to wear a sleep mask over your eyes so as to not reduce the amount of melatonin being produced by your body).

The office, whether at home or away is another very important place to keep a salt lamp. The high presence of electromagnetic smog will have an impact on one’s mood, concentration, and energy levels. There are very nifty USB salt lamps available as well as smaller outlet ones as well. They don’t heat up and unlike a salt tea light holder, they won’t leave you to worry if you left it on. Create a positive work environment and see how different, more energized and productive you are over time.

Salt Lamp in the dark

I find that salt tea light holders are a wonderful addition to the bathroom and powder room. They are the perfect alternative to air fresheners and deodorizers both the plug-ins and the sprays. They quickly and safely get rid of odors and provide a nice feeling of wellness and calm. Even after flushing airborne particles still remain and if your toothbrush is close at hand they will over time float on over and infest your tool for keeping your teeth clean. Keeping a candle softly glowing in your washroom will prevent this from happening. Just remember to blow it out before you step out of the house or go to bed. Furthermore, when choosing tea lights try to stick with beeswax candles as often as possible so as to prevent further toxins from entering the environment.

Other areas to place a salt lamp …

  • Rooms and spaces with electronic appliances and equipment as a result of the high electromagnetic smog output they produce
  • During meditation and Yoga – as a means to purify the space and bring the body into a more relaxed state
  • Smoking space, if there is a room or an entranceway into space outside where individuals smoke having a salt lamp placed close by will aid in neutralizing both the odor and the toxic residue
  • An area of your home or office in which you would like the air to be cleaner
  • An area of your home or office space in which you wish to create a more positive, cozy and relaxing space
Himalayan Salt Lamp

Start with one and see how you feel. If you are able and don’t mind move if from either your space or an area with high electromagnetic smog to your bedroom at night and see how you feel. Do away with the bad vibrations and negative energy and start living in a good, relaxing and wholesome environment.


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