Herbal Remedies

Pain runs deep, however it is best to mend the root cause instead of simply applying and reapplying a band-aid. Find out which herbal remedies to take to receive pain, rebalance the body, increase energy and improve one’s mood.

Heartburn is often attributed to gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD). It is credited with the overflow of gastrula juices in the esophagus, which is HCl backing up into the esophagus causing sensitive skin to become irritated. Normal functioning muscles of the esophageal sphincter close shut to prevent stomach acid from moving upwards into the esophagus. However, […]
Every season brings new herbs to life, each with a different purpose and use in the body. Come spring the fields are light gold with dandelion heads — some people may find them pesky weeds, I see it as a great chance to cleanse the liver and kidneys!! The plant above is a Salsify, the […]
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