How do you know if a Detox is right for you? The body has a limit to the burden it can handle – chemical, and biological contaminants found within air, food and water as well as the emotional wellbeing.

Oil pulling has numerous oral and systemic benefits for your health. By swishing and swirling the oil in the mouth bacteria adheres to the oil as a result of the fat molecules that are within them. Oil Pulling aids in reducing inflammation of the gums and systemically, aids in getting rid of gingivitis, plaque and […]

Caffeine Clearance Test

By Kenko
In Detox
Updated June 10, 2017
Caffeine is solely broken down by the liver, as a result, The caffeine Clearance Test is a good quantitative measurement of how well the liver is functioning (Dancygier, H. 2010) (Lee et al.1996). The liver metabolizes caffeine to ensure that it can be safely eliminated by the kidneys and bowels. Through the detoxification process of […]
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