Essence Waters Infused with Herbs and Fruit

Amanda Filipowicz, CNP, BES
Essence Waters

Water is my drink of choice – always. I have a mason jar that I drink from and now I also keep a giant jug on my desk for easy replenishment. I wake up to it and go to sleep with it as well. Drinking water has amazing benefits, however, sometimes I like a little added kick to make my water go the extra mile for me.

Water requirements vary from person to person. Everyone’s body requires water, not drinking any is not the answer, start small and work your way up.

Herbal infused water

These are incredibly easy to make, all you must remember is to change out the herbs and fruit so as to keep the water strong and flavourful. Below are a few of my favorite combinations, though you can certainly make your own infusions. For the herbs you can just through the sprigs into the jugs, the fruits can be sliced, thinly or thickly as can the ginger.


Mint infused water is wonderful and my favorite. I recommend leaving your glass jug on the counter for an hour or so so that the oils can diffuse out of the mint leaves and stems and into the water (this won’t happen in the fridge). Give it a taste after an hour and if it is minty enough you can move it over to the fridge.


I left a few sprigs from my garden in a glass jug in the fridge and over the course of the day, the herb slowly diffused into the water. Not only does it smell wonderfully of lavender but it has the most pleasant and sweet taste. I love drinking water before I go to bed as I find dehydration keeps me up. This infused water not only helps keep me hydrated but it also leaves me feeling relaxed and calm.

Lemon Mint

Refreshing and wonderful for the digestive system. Mint alone is also wonderful for the intestine, however, lemon and mint together work wonderfully. The lemon aids in making the body alkaline as well as reducing inflammation in the bowels. Just as with the mint, leave this combination on your counter for an hour and let the oils from the mint and lemon diffuse into the water.

Orange Ginger

Orange is such a phenomenal fruit to diffuse, it also leaves the prettiest orange hue to your drinking water. The orange gives a great taste as well as phytonutrient benefits (the lemon will provide the water with this as well) to the water. The ginger provides anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting benefits.

I love using ginger as it truly does wonders in reducing inflammation and bloating in the intestines. If you would like it to be more potent and effective instead of slicing the ginger you can use minced ginger. This you can make yourself or you can purchase The Ginger People’s; Organic Minced Ginger – which is wonderful as it dissolves right into the water and will be greatly beneficial for a bloated tummy.

Lemon or Lime and Ginger +Mint

Although lemon is great, I do prefer this infused water with limes. I find that that lemon peel after some time begins to leave a bitter taste in the water, the lime does not. This is also the ultimate digestion essence water, it truly does away with bloating especially if the minced ginger is being used.

Water Facts
  • Water does diffuse through cell membranes, however, special channels called aquaporin as cell membranes interior is hydrophobic.
  • The colon requires sufficient intake of fiber and water for effective peristalsis and waste elimination
  • Water in the digestive tract: keeps everything moving and fluid helps with the breakdown of food particles.
  • Coffee, black tea and soda are all diuretics – meaning they upset our body’s water balance by excreting water at a higher rate, leaving cells and in essence the entire body dry.
  • Athletes with a thirst sensation have already lost 1.5 -2 L of fluid. The individual will be exercising in a state of dehydration if the intensity is high. An athlete can lose 2.5 L of sweat per hour with intensive exercise, which is cause for concern regulating electrolyte imbalance in the body.
  • Pregnancy is an important time to keep well hydrated as a fetus that is deficient in water can become malnourished and have their digestive system compromised.
  • Gout can often form in the body as a result of chronic dehydration
  • Water is the main component of blood – delivers – oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and other substances to cells as well as ridding the body of toxins.
  • It protects the body from impact or injury, regulates body temperature, allows electrolytes to control the osmotic pressure inside and outside of cells.
  • Involved in almost all bodily functions. ex. circulation, digestion, elimination of waste.
  • REVERSE OSMOSIS: the process of recycling water. (for example) desalination, recycling water salt.
  • Re-epithelialization: the making of new skin – water accelerates this. Process: involves the migration of keratinocytes (predominant cell types in the epidermis (outer layer of the skin) – they are dead and form a protective layer.
  • The volume of blood goes down when more water and sodium is depleted.

Tap water, as well as unfiltered water, may contain the following;

Lead: In tap water, mainly occurs from the corrosion of water pipes. The plumbing in older homes may also cause lead to be found in tap water.

Mercury and Arsenic: mercury and arsenic are toxic to the nervous system.

Radon: radioactive gas, found in the earth’s crust

Nitrates: in groundwater

Chlorine in Your Drinking Water

The beginning of the 21st-century chlorine began to be added to the water system as a means to increase sanitation. The filtration system at the time was leading to an accumulation of waste in water tanks. Instead of changing the method and practice of filtration, companies began to add chlorine to the water supply so as to destroy microorganisms found in the water by diffusing through the cell walls and poisoning it.

The level of toxicity ranges between organisms – however even humans have a toxicity level of chlorine. This is why it is best to pour water into jugs allowing the chlorine to evaporate. Proper airflow – through open windows or vents helps a lot to remove the chlorine from the air in your home.

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