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We’re on a mission to make information on healthy holistic living more accessible to everyone. All of the information on our website is available for free from our expert contributors. You too can help people become more knowledgeable while also helping your nutritionist, personal trainer or yoga instructor career.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb

  • Help People

Write a unique article about healthy holistic living that will help people, and that people commonly look for online.

  • Build Reputation

Get exposure on the article you write. Your business information, name and link will be included at the bottom of the article for all time.

  • Be a Recognized expert

As more people read your article the more people will view your business and use your services.

Who we work with

Nutritionist Collaborate


You are a wealth of knowledge, put what you know about food, herbal medicine, supplements and nutriton to work in a post. Write about supplements, how to optimize the functioning of the body, the importance of specific foods, herbs and spices or holistic living.

Personal Trainer Collaborate

Personal Trainers

Share your knowledge on exercises that give the best results. How to maintain proper form. How to do isolation exercises for specific muscle groups.

Yoga Instructor Collaborate

Yoga Instructors

Your knowledge of yoga philosophy, meditation and the physical body can be amazingly inspiring and eye-opening in a post. From the importance and posture of different yoga positions to the significance of breath and meditation, there is a lot that our audience can learn about.

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