Coconut Oil Pulling Chews – Turmeric and Cinnamon

Amanda Filipowicz, CNP, BES
Coconut Oil Pulling Chews Turmeric and Cinnamon

Oil pulling has numerous oral and systemic benefits for your health. By swishing and swirling the oil in the mouth bacteria adheres to the oil as a result of the fat molecules that are within them. Oil pulling aids in reducing inflammation of the gums and systemically, aids in getting rid of gingivitis, plaque, and bad breath. By removing bacteria from the mouth it prevents it from making its way into the bloodstream and wreaking havoc on the body. To learn more about the benefits of oil pulling check out our Oil Pulling blog post. 

Coconut Oil Pulling Chews Turmeric and Cinnamon

I have been Oil Pulling with Coconut Chews for a few months now and I have had wonderful results. My teeth and brilliantly white, my gums are strong and my teeth have been wonderfully healthy. Swirling and swishing the oil for 15-20 minutes, at the beginning was tricky but with time it becomes a good habit.

Recently I have been making cinnamon and turmeric coconut oil chews, I have a wonderful recipe for original coconut oil chews, though I have found that the addition of either turmeric or cinnamon gives the oil chews a wonderful kick!

Turmeric for Oral Health

Turmeric has been used for thousands of years thought Ayurvedic Medicine for oral health. There are no toxic side effects to the use of Turmeric and there is no fear in it staining your teeth. A few of the benefits of Turmeric for Oral health includes;

  • Topically applied to gums to reduce inflammation and swelling
  • Pain is relieved by rinsing the mouth with turmeric powder
  • Turmeric powder has shown to strengthen gums and aid in the elimination of gingivitis and periodontitis
  • Aid in the prevention and removal of plaque from teeth
  • A natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent
turmeric coconut oil chews
cinnamon coconut oil chews

Cinnamon for Oral Health

Cinnamons’ most commonly known benefit is its ability to balance blood sugar levels, making it a great spice for diabetics. However, cinnamon also possesses numerous oral health benefits. Cinnamon is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal (making it great at fighting thrush) and aids in reducing inflammation of the gums and systemically in the body. Cinnamon supports good dental hygiene preventing gingivitis and plaque build-up. 

When making coconut oil chews you can choose to make it with ground cinnamon or with cinnamon oil. I prefer to use Organic ground cinnamon, it is gentle on the teeth and gives a wonderful taste and provides the same oral benefits as the essential oil.

turmeric oil chews

Turmeric or Cinnamon Coconut Oil Chews 


200 ml of Organic Coconut Oil

2 tsp of either organic cinnamon or turmeric

15-20 drops of thieve’s oil

Silicone mold

A Jar

  1. Melt the coconut oil over a double boiler.
  2. Add in your choice of turmeric or cinnamon to the coconut oil and let it stay over the heat for a few minutes. 
  3. Transfer to a spouted measuring cup and add in the essential oil drops. Combine well. 
  4. Place two silicone molds on plates (so as to make transferring them into the fridge or outside easier)
  5. Pour in melted coconut oil into the molds. Let them solidify in the fridge or outside if it is cold enough.
  6. After about 1 hour pop them out, place them in a sealed jar and leave them in the fridge.
  7. Take one every morning
cinnamon oil chews

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