Asking the Big Question! Do you Love Yourself?

Asking the BIG Question? Do you Love Yourself

Getting to the root of the problem begins with asking yourself a big question… it’s not whether or not your bowel movements are regular, for though that is a very important question – it’s not the BIG one.

Be calm, breath in and out deeply and once you feel comfortable enough ask yourself, “Do I love myself, do I truly love myself?” Do you love yourself as you are now? Do you love yourself when you are sick? Do you love yourself enough to be truly honest? Tracy McMillan does a fantastic job of explaining what it truly means to love yourself inThe person you really need to marry a TED talk.

It’s not an easy thing to do, but it is important and it is okay and safe to love yourself. It’s hard work, a lot of hard work and the amount of time it will take will be different for each individual person. However, when you get to that point when you truly love yourself – wow, it’s going to feel great!!!

The first step to anything is to LOVE YOURSELF and move forward.

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