Not All Links Are Affiliates

Many websites we link to throughout our website help provide context or information and is solely there for the benefit of our users. Most links on our articles are not affiliate links.

When Do We Use Affiliate Links

You will only find affiliate links on articles authored by our editor Amanda Filipowicz. All other articles published by our third party contributors are free from any affiliate link. Any affiliate product linked is one that we have used ourselves in the past.

How to Recognize Advertising

We make use of independent advertising networks to help support our website. You can easily recognize an advertisement via the AdChoices icon.Ad Choices

We do not endorse any product or service advertised through these ads.

The networks we use are:

  1. Google Ads

Affiliate Networks We Use

We currently participate in the following advertising and affiliate networks and do endorse products advertised through the following networks.

  1. FourSigmatic
  2. Amazon Affiliates
  3. Perfect Keto
  4. Persona
  5. Rakuten